Okay, so why sim-on-a-stick? Well I wanted to create a virtual world for educational purposes which I could practice with, easily move and/or install into different virtual worlds.

Sim-on-a-stick is a local installation of a virtual world – it can be installed onto a USB drive or into a folder on a computer. Sim-on-a-stick also enables you to learn how to use OpenSim without needing to create a fully-fledged Internet-accessible virtual world. It *does* require technical skills and mean that you need to learn about aspects of OpenSim which you will not need if you are planning on using a virtual world which is already hosted (such as Second Life, Kitely or Inworldz).

I also needed a virtual world that I could run without an Internet connection – for those moments when you want to use something, or demonstrate it at a conference, or when delivering training, and the Internet refuses to cooperate.

Installing sim-on-a-stick is pretty easy – especially if you use the preconfigured package available from http://www.simonastick.com/ – but the webpages that used to have additional information on configuring and using sim-on-a-stick seem to have vanished, hence my notes here (for when I have to start again!).