To change the name of the default (main) avatar, make sure that both mowes and the opensim console are running (but do not have the default avatar logged in to your virtual world), then using your Internet browser, go to:

And login as:

  • First name: Wifi
  • Last name: Admin
  • Password: secret

Click on ‘Manage accounts’.

Enter a single space into the search box and press Enter/line return.

This will list ALL the accounts – there should be two of these:

Default accounts

Click on ‘edit’ next to Simona Stick to change the account details – remember to click on UPDATE once you have changed the name.

NB: If you also want to change the password from ‘123’, do this separately after changing the name.

You can now launch the viewer and login using your new name.

NB: You may still see Simona Stick as the owner of the land and owner of items previously created (such as the pot of gold). Exiting the viewer, quitting the opensim console and then restarting opensim.exe should fix this. On occasion, you may need to clear the viewer cache as well (start viewer > edit > preferences … and on the network tab, look for the ‘clear cache’ button, then restart viewer).

Admin Rights

You may want to fix the main avatar’s admin rights at the same time by changing the ‘level’.

  • Level = 0 is a normal user
  • Level = 50 (or a level you set) is used to indicate a privileged user (e.g. who can set up new hypergrid linked regions)
  • Level = 100 is a Wifi admin account user
  • Level = 250 is God Mode (can force ownership of objects to own account)

If you want to use your main avatar to control other accounts, etc., then set the level to 100.