OAR files are OpenSimulator Archive files – they are a way of both backing up the contents of a region (sim) and restoring / importing a region complete with content.

Zadaroo offers a good range of OAR to use and/or experiment with.

I installed both the:

  • Welcome Center; and the
  • Conference Center


IMPORTANT NOTE: Uploading an OAR to a region replaces the contents of that region entirely – make sure you have made a backup (an OAR file) of the region or its content, or are happy to have the contents replaced.

STRONG SUGGESTION: Before uploading an OAR file, move your avatar to an adjacent sim – otherwise when the new land/buildings are rezzed, you may find your avatar stuck inside something.


With mowes and opensim console running:

1) Download the tgz file from Zadaroo or find an OAR file you wish to use.

2) Copy the file to diva-rxxxxx>bin.


3) At the # prompt in the opensim console, type:

change region <name of region you wish to upload the OAR file to>


And make sure the name of the correct region is now reflected in the prompt line of opensim console:

Region (Region name you want to upload sim to) #


4) At the # prompt, type:

load oar myoarfilename.oar (if you are uploading an oar file)


load oar myoarfilename.tgz (if you are uploading a tgz zipped OAR file from Zadaroo or elsewhere)


5) Wait! Let the console unzip/upload/extract the contents of the OAR file, create the assets and start the scripts.

6) When it is finished, log back into your virtual world to see your new region (sim). NB. If you left your avatar on the ground, you may now be underwater, under a building, buried, etc…

Screenshot of the new Welcome Center region

Newly uploaded OAR file for Welcome Center