Kitely is a hosting service for opensim virtual worlds. It operates on an on-demand-basis, meaning that your virtual world(s) can be turned off when not being used and/or archived.

Some of the advantages for education and training purposes:

  • low cost
  • allows easy access via the Internet (which means I don’t have to configure my own server for external access)
  • easy and full control of content, settings, and most importantly access
  • worlds can be turned off (and unavailable) when not been used
  • learners can create an account with their Facebook or Twitter details

The pricing models for Kitely at the moment are a little confusing at first – but they are about to change their pricing models (as of 1 June 2015), so I am not going to try and explain those here at the moment.

Kitely is organised in terms of ‘Worlds’ –  a Kitely world can contain one or more regions (max 16 regions per advanced/premium world) … but to have more than one region within a world, the regions must be created as megaregions.

Each world has a total number of prims available within it and a total number of avatars that can be present at once – these maximums are for the world not the region (as in Second Life).