The steps below are based on installing onto a Windows OS.

System requirements: Well I know it works with Windows 7 64bit (not tried with Windows 8) .. you also need .NET 4 installed. I am running it on a Dell Alienware laptop with an i7 chip and NVIDIA graphics cards – you will certainly need at least 2GB RAM preferably more and a dedicated graphics card not onboard graphics.

Step 1: You will need a USB stick – I am using a Kingston HyperX 64GB USB 3 enabled stick and it runs nice and fast.

Step 2: Go to and download the single sim installer. (You can add more sims later.)

Step 3: Run the installer – changing the install location to that of your USB stick. (I had already created a folder for my virtual world on the USB stick and installed into this, so that I could also keep instruction files and content on the stick in separate folders.)


Step 4: Once installed, navigate to the USB stick and into the virtual world folder (if you created one). Look for and run mowes.exe … this will start Apache and the SQL server. If you are running anti-virus you may get several warnings whilst files are checked, and requests to ‘Allow access’ via your firewall. LEAVE THE MOWES WINDOW OPEN with both Apache and SQL running.

Step 5: Once mowes is happily running, navigate into the ‘diva-rxxxxx/bin’ directory, and run either:

  • OpenSim.exe – if you are running 32bit Windows


  • OpenSim.32BitLaunch.exe – if you are running 64bit Windows

Again, you will most probably receive warnings and requests to ‘Allow access’ via your firewall.

Be patient! It can take a while for the world to boot.

Wait until the console window stops running and the line:

Region (Simonastick 1) #


Your world is now ready for you to log in for the first time.

When you are ready to close everything down:

  1. Type quit after the prompt # into the opensim console
  2. Click on the ‘Stop server’ button in the mowes console – and when the SQL and Apache servers have stopped, click on the ‘End’ button.