The default simonastick comes with one region – but the RegionConfig.ini file is already set up for this to be increased to 4 regions (as a megaregion – unless you have turned this off.)

The 4 regions are arranged in a grid:

Sim-on-a-stick 4 region layout

Sim-on-a-stick 4 region layout

To switch to four regions like above, make sure OpenSim console is not running and then open and edit the following file in a text editor:



You will see one region is already active – and called [Simonastick 1], unless you have already renamed it.

[Simonastick 1]
RegionUUID = "ae823f8a-edcc-4351-b797-0e1072b312a8"
Location = "2339,1446"
InternalAddress = ""
InternalPort = 9100
AllowAlternatePorts = False
ExternalHostName = ""


Un-comment the remaining regions by removing the semi-colons from the start of each line – you can rename the regions at this step if you wish as well.


Note that each region has a different location – the coordinates given here specify where the sim is to be placed. The order they are written in in the RegionConfig file is *very* important. They must be listed in the order from bottom left to top right. More on this here  … check our the layout diagrams there.

NB: Do not change the location for these regions – sim-on-a-stick will break if you do so. I think this is because the sims are already loaded into the database as an estate called ‘Sim on a stick’.

Save the file.

Start Opensim.exe and login to your virtual world – use the map view to see the changes – you should now have 4 adjacent regions arranged as a 2×2 square.