New avatars are created via the Wifi admin panel:

If you are the only person likely to be using your sim-on-a-stick, then you may not need to create additional avatars … or you may want to create different avatars for different uses/demonstrations.

For example, if you are creating a virtual world on-a-stick which you plan to copy and use with individual learners, then you may wish to create avatars for those learners to use so that they can customise their avatar (increasing engagement and motivation) and enabling the learner to keep copies of anything they build in their own inventory.

Another reason for creating new avatars is to develop the skills so that you can do this for a version of opensim which is accessible via a network later on.

When you create a new avatar via the Wifi admin panel there are 3 options (by default): female, male and gender neutral.

All of these options look pretty lousy – but you can customise them to improve their looks.


Creating default avatars

Step 1) Create an account for each default you want to configure, called:

  • Female Avatar
  • Male Avatar
  • Neutral Avatar

The passwords for these are not particularly important – but make sure you can remember them!

Creating a default avatar screenshot of page to add an account

Creating a default avatar

Step 2) Prepare the clothing, skin, shape, etc you want to use for your default avatar. I logged in as my main avatar and using the FULL AVATAR IAR content I downloaded previously, I rezzed a box and placed a skin, shape and full set of clothing into that box, setting the permissions to FULL and the box to ANYONE CAN TAKE A COPY. (This was because you cannot transfer inventory from avatar to avatar when inworld and using sim-on-a-stick.)


Step 3) Login as the default avatar, for example, Female Avatar. You will probably receive an error message to say you cannot wear your outfit – and may well be a cloud.

Take a copy of the box, then rez and unpack it.

Now right-click on the folder in your inventory, and select ‘Wear outfit’. The cloud should disappear and your avatar should now be clothed and ready.

Move the outfit folder into the ‘Clothing’ folder in the inventory, making sure it has a sensible name.


Log off.


Now when a new female avatar is created via the Wifi panel, its default should be the avatar you just created above – including any prim attachments, etc.