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Virtual World Simulation of Dual Sensory Loss for Workplace Learning in a Health and Social Care Setting


Using Sim-on-a-stick

My journey creating a virtual world on a USB stick.

Uploading content using OAR

OAR files are OpenSimulator Archive files – they are a way of both backing up the contents of a region (sim) and restoring / importing a region complete with content. Zadaroo offers a good range of OAR to use and/or… Continue Reading →

Creating new avatars – creating new default avatars

New avatars are created via the Wifi admin panel: If you are the only person likely to be using your sim-on-a-stick, then you may not need to create additional avatars … or you may want to create different avatars… Continue Reading →

Uploading content using an IAR file

IAR files are inventory archive files – they are a way of backing up inventory folders and also of transferring content to other people/opensim installations. IAR files are a really quick way of getting open source / free / shared… Continue Reading →

Increasing to 4 regions

The default simonastick comes with one region – but the RegionConfig.ini file is already set up for this to be increased to 4 regions (as a megaregion – unless you have turned this off.) The 4 regions are arranged in… Continue Reading →

Switching to individual regions – optional

The default sim-on-a-stick installation comes with multiregion support activated. I decided to leave this on (see reasons), but if you want to turn it off then without OpenSim running, open the following file in a text editor: diva-rxxxxx>bin>config-include>MyWorld.ini Find the… Continue Reading →

Regions, megaregions, and region layout

A standard region (sim) in a virtual world is 256m x 256m in size – or 16 acres. The default sim-on-a-stick install has one region, but can be easily changed to have multiple regions. You can either have separate regions… Continue Reading →

Update to latest version of OpenSim

With mowes and opensim console running (but no viewer open/avatar inworld) locate and run: diva-rxxxxx>bin>Update.exe and when prompted, enter y to copy over the wifi admin panel settings (not sure if this is needed or not, but seemed sensible to… Continue Reading →

Changing the grid name and welcome message.

The default gridname is ‘simonastick’ – it doesn’t have to be changed, but you might want to change it to something more user-friendly or so that if you move everything to where people can access the world via the Internet… Continue Reading →

Changing the default region name

Simonastick comes with one region (sim) called simonastick 1. Changing the name of the region to something else is pretty simple – but you will need a text editor. I recommend: Notepad++ To change the name of this region to… Continue Reading →

Who wants to be called Simona Stick?

To change the name of the default (main) avatar, make sure that both mowes and the opensim console are running (but do not have the default avatar logged in to your virtual world), then using your Internet browser, go to:… Continue Reading →

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