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Virtual World Simulation of Dual Sensory Loss for Workplace Learning in a Health and Social Care Setting



Artificial Intelligence: simulating deafblind communication methods

[This document is taken from an assignment which involved creating a mini inworld learning activity to demonstrate the use of artificial intelligence in virtual worlds teaching practice.] Background and Context The mini-project is part of a virtual world learning activity… Continue Reading →

3D eye: video of use in a language class

This video shows the 3D model of the eye I created in Second Life, being used as language resource for a K12 group.

Role Play: Supporting a deafblind person to prepare a meal

[This document is taken from a presentation notes for an assignment with some information removed. It is a written summary of a demonstration carried out in a virtual world to describe a role play activity suitable for use with learners.]… Continue Reading →

Mini-Build: An Interactive 3D Model of the Eye

A Virtual Teaching Space [This document is taken from an assignment to create a mini-teaching space designed around the needs of support workers within an organisation.]   Design Question Can a virtual 3D environment be used to effectively simulate the… Continue Reading →

Uploading content using OAR

OAR files are OpenSimulator Archive files – they are a way of both backing up the contents of a region (sim) and restoring / importing a region complete with content. Zadaroo offers a good range of OAR to use and/or… Continue Reading →

Creating new avatars – creating new default avatars

New avatars are created via the Wifi admin panel: If you are the only person likely to be using your sim-on-a-stick, then you may not need to create additional avatars … or you may want to create different avatars… Continue Reading →

Uploading content using an IAR file

IAR files are inventory archive files – they are a way of backing up inventory folders and also of transferring content to other people/opensim installations. IAR files are a really quick way of getting open source / free / shared… Continue Reading →

Increasing to 4 regions

The default simonastick comes with one region – but the RegionConfig.ini file is already set up for this to be increased to 4 regions (as a megaregion – unless you have turned this off.) The 4 regions are arranged in… Continue Reading →

Switching to individual regions – optional

The default sim-on-a-stick installation comes with multiregion support activated. I decided to leave this on (see reasons), but if you want to turn it off then without OpenSim running, open the following file in a text editor: diva-rxxxxx>bin>config-include>MyWorld.ini Find the… Continue Reading →

Regions, megaregions, and region layout

A standard region (sim) in a virtual world is 256m x 256m in size – or 16 acres. The default sim-on-a-stick install has one region, but can be easily changed to have multiple regions. You can either have separate regions… Continue Reading →

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